Why Bookend Your Advertising, When You Can Write The Book? 25th Oct 2008

The slap-on methods of traditional advertising have long been in question. Bookending entertainment with ads is simple; but maybe too simple. The process is easy to duplicate and has led to the mass proliferation of media (assuming that ad revenue drives content). We now live in a fragmented world of highly targeted media, delivering niche demographics which are sold to brands on the promise of environmental uplift and limited wastage.

The question here is not whether bookend advertising works. The question is what would marketers do if all the entertainment content disappeared? If there were no TV shows, no magazines articles, no films, no online publishers...

Given a blank canvas and dealt with the understanding that people really like being entertained, brands would become the content producers (yep, it's the Soap Opera situation).

Anyone who believes that a double page spread is more powerful than a brand funded 15 minute short film or a banner ad drives more sales than an immersive website, is frankly on crack. So why do we continue to push out traditional ad campaigns?

My view is simple; Firstly come-up with your single minded proposition - that could be a creative execution, a tag-line, a game, a celebrity, whatever. Secondly, run with it and fragment the proposition - forget the restrictions of media and create a list of consumer facing executions which will engage and entertain your target audience.

At the end of the day, it is your advertising dollars which drive the entertainment platforms and so they are obviously on to something. So why can't you become the entertainer and sell more product along the way.

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