Are Die Antwoord Puma’s World Cup Marketing Campaign? 5th Feb 2010

Walking a cloudy line between music, comedic spoof and art, Die Antwoord are like an Africaan Rap-Rave version of Goldie Looking Chain. The thing that stands them apart from the crowd is that they are pushing out super-slick content which just bends your mind. You can find their website here and you have to check out their new video below.

The thing that's bugging me is that the videos are just a little too good, the website has been made by well paid professionals and their online dispersion strategy feels like there is, well, a strategy. Above all, the more you dig around, the more PUMA's name keeps on popping up.

Now, if PUMA have just jumped on-board as a supporter, then great work. However if it's an elaborate pre-World Cup marketing campaign, then I bow down and worship at their feet. It's pure gold.

Props to crackunit for the find.

  1. Sorry to disappoint, bad as a long time fan of Die Antwoord and as a friend of Watkykjy the site that launched them, they did all this on a shoe string.

    Read what happened here.

  2. threebillion says:

    The debate continues…

    Videogum have released this post on the fake side of the argument:

  3. “Fake” – err so they changed their name a year ago. It does not make them fake. New Order used to be Joy Division tec etc.