Hipster Bashing in Advertising 21st Aug 2010

I am all for a bit of hipster bashing, it's the trend which really needs to die.

And when advertisers jump on board the Hipster-Bashing Express, you know that the anti-trend has hit the mainstream. As such, this new spot from Honda caught my eye.

Now there is a certain amount of risk in negatively targeting a youth sub-culture to appeal to the other youth sub-cultures. You have to do it well.

Unfortunately, Honda didn't.

The hipsters are alienated by the concept and the rest of the target market must be cringing from the poor execution.

  1. Emily says:

    I think that there are a huge number of 18 – 29 year olds who will get the irony of these ads.

    I’d assume that the insight around Honda Jazz’s target market are that they are inner-city urban youngsters who have a higher disposable income than your average ‘hipster’, but who live alongside them within the confines of 2010… therefore can appreciate a bit of tongue-in-cheek sub-culture bashing. I also love that while they make fun of hipsters, they have also incorporated every hipster’s favourite Sudanese rapper, Bangs, into one of the spots.

  2. threebillion says:

    Don’t you feel that it all got a bit watered down though.

    If you’re going to bash…go in hard.