i-Dosing: The New Music Drug Which is Going To Make All Kids Crack Addicts 15th Jul 2010

This is the kind of stuff which makes my blood boil and skin crawl.

For the record; music is supposed to alter your brain waves...that's why we all like listening to music.

Listening to this "i-Dose" ambient music will not lead to other drugs, if fact anyone who likes ambient music is probably on drugs anyway.

Check out Wired for the full story.

  1. Monty Cholmeley says:


    “i dosing” does something, it’s not just broads of canada with clever marketing.. though it has to be said this is an over reaction as (as you can see by the wiki) i’m not sure quite what it does do though. i think the people in that article are getting a little bit daily mail about it all. “Oh my god our kids are asymmetric hemispheric balancing again!”