The Beatbox World Championships -The Online Wildcard 25th Apr 2009

The Beatbox World Champs have been running for the last 4 years. This year they have thrown the doors open via their YouTube Channel to find a wildcard entry. The premise simple, video your beatboxing talents and upload as a response.

Have a watch the intro video:

Of the 90 or so responses, the majority are hanging around the 100-2000 view count, apart that is from Daichi who has racked up an astounding 230,000 (and counting) views.

So what's at play here? Well, firstly the 18 year old has some mad skills, secondly it just shows that when a video is worth watching the power of email forwards, twitter links, blog embeds and YouTube's own recommendations can propel view success way beyond all others.

The real life event will be taking place in Berlin in late May and I'm not a betting man, but I think Daichi might be in for a chance.

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