The World’s First Panoramic Music Video? 24th Jun 2009

Originality in music videos has been hard to find for a long time.

However over the last couple of months, this new thing called 'technology' and joined forces with 'the Internet' and spat a series of kick-ass interactive music videos.

First there was the Cold War Kids, where users could turn-up or turn-down band members. Then came Labuat, where you could draw along with the song.

Now, we have the Panoramic Music Video from Children Collide, where the user becomes the director.

In a time where more music videos are being consumed through YouTube than music television, I hope that this is just the very start of a clip revolution.

Hat tip who the bloody hell are they?

  1. Dist says:

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  2. Matt says:

    May I also suggest you check out for interactive video joy.

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