Vinspired, Voicebot and Youth Empowerment 5th Sep 2009

I am loving three things about vinspired.

Firstly, I like what they are doing. Vinspired is dedicated to changing the face of youth volunteer work in the UK, you can check out their BBC interview here.

Secondly, anybody who can shred the powerpoint graphs and deliver quality youth research with the same visual impact that the data deserves will always be on to something good. Have a play here.

Thirdly, their next big project is called the 'Westminster Robot' or the 'Voicebot';

"The Voicebot is a letter-writing robot, connected to the internet. From September 4th, young people will be asked online to answer the simple question, what do you care about? The Voicebot will physically realise the online messages in the real world, word by word and stroke by stroke. The Voicebot will descend upon Westminster on October 12th where it will continue to write out the cares of a generation, alongside an exhibition of the best 20,000 entries."

Now that's what I call youth empowerment.

  1. adil says:

    hi, thanks for sharing this. i’m the director at Sidekick Studios and we put this together for v, who commissioned this project. we’re super glad you like what v are doing and we hope your readers get involved and use our robot to tell MPs what they care about. thanks again. adil

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